Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover

Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Boxes

Have you been slacking on throwing up some holiday decorations or aren't feeling quite so festive?  Need an easy and affordable gift for a friend, but stumped on what to get them?  This easy project can apply across the board!  You know those trips to Target where you start wandering the store aimlessly? I know, that's pretty much EVERY trip to Target.  I recently found myself in the office supply area, debating in my head for the 27th time whether to buy those gorgeous acrylic and rose gold staplers. Should I or shouldn't I? I quickly spotted some adorable unfinished wood geometric planter cups, and figured they could make some great multi-purpose catch-alls - think a pen holder on your desk at work, a plant holder for a succulent, or a container to store your makeup brushes. Or for all of you Grinches out there - these geometric cups can finally give your holiday decor a spark! Give this low-cost, creative project a try - these containers are the multi-purpose gift that keeps on giving!

Here's what you'll need for this project, and the total cost for your supplies is under $50!:

Hexagon Planter - [Target] || Septagon Planter - [Target] || Champagne Gold Metallic Paint - [Michael's] || Rose Gold Metallic Paint - [Michael's] || Oyster Acrylic Paint - [Michael's] || Blue Painter's Tape - [Michael's] || Paint Brush 3-Pack - [Michael's] 

Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Materials

Take a moment or two to figure out the patterns and designs you'd like to execute for each of your planter cups.  I wanted each of mine to have a bit of a different look, so that I could group them together and achieve a more eclectic, lived-in feel.  If you're more of a neat freak who loves repetitive patterns (I can be that way too!), feel free to settle on a pattern you love and paint it across all of your planters.  

I wanted to do a metallic finish because I'm moving in a few months, and depending on where I end up, I may want to switch up some of my accent colors and decor.  These metallic finishes combined with a light grey will look nice in any room in my house. 

Step 1:

Grab some blue painter's tape.  Once you've settled on your patterns on the various sides of the planters, go ahead and line the areas carefully and evenly with the tape, marking off the area you'd like to cover with paint.  Once you apply the tape to all sides, take special care to smooth it down at the edges (so when it is removed, you have a clean, crisp line with no paint bleeding).  Be sure to grab a paint brush that you feel is suitable for the surface area you'll be covering.  For the gold example below, you can use a larger brush since there aren't many tight angles or small areas to cover.  Always take special care to ensure the paint is evenly applied and covers the edge completely, so your lines are always clean.  Paint one even coat on the surface area, using brush strokes in the same direction for even application.  Let dry completely and assess if a second coat is needed.  In my opinion, the second coat always looks better (just like nail polish), but if you're into that unkempt, more distressed wood grain feel, one coat may be perfect!

Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 1
Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 1
Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 1
Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 1
Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 1

Step 2:

Follow Step 1 repeatedly for all containers.  Depending on the surface area you're covering with paint, and the paint's thickness, you may need to wait overnight for them to dry completely.  The metallic rose gold and gold paints were much thicker than the light grey color, so those took longer to dry.  Once all areas of the paint have dried down evenly, carefully find the edges of the painters tape and peel off all of your guide tape lines.  It should reveal some crisp, clean lines along the geometric planes of the planters.  If you notice some minimal bleeding under the tape, don't worry!  You can fix that as you re-tape and paint the remaining bare areas.  You'll see some of the bare areas of mine have some paint splotches - that's from me brainstorming some different pattern ideas, but they are easily covered up with the next coat.  Once you've surveyed the painted areas, it's time to re-tape for the next color.  To do so, take the blue painters tape again, and this time apply it so that the clean edge of the tape ends where your painted portions end and completely expose the bare wood areas that still need to be painted.  Take extra time to ensure your tape lines align exactly with the already painted portions so you don't have any gaps or overlap.  Once your tape is applied, again gently, yet firmly press down the edge of the tape so that the second color doesn't bleed into the first one you applied, and you're left with clean lines when you are finished.  

Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 2
Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 2
Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 2

Step 3:

Once your second paint color has dried completely (I recommend letting them dry overnight for good measure), carefully remove the tape.  Try pulling it off slowly and evenly at a 45 degree angle from the application line so that you don't remove any of the paint underneath.  Once all the tape has been removed, take a look at any edges that may be a little rough and touch up free-hand with the paintbrush.  Also, make sure you've painted the top lip with the color of your choice - you can even paint the inside cup portion if you'd like, although I didn't take the time to do that here.  If these will be used in a capacity where the inside may be seen often, you may want to do that for a more clean-cut look.  Once all of your touch-ups are dry and you're happy with the finished product, it's time to put them into good use!

Emily Essentially | DIY | Budget-Friendly Glam Box Makeover Step 3

Holiday Application Ideas:

The ideas below are examples of ways that you can use these planters during the holiday season. 

  • Planter with succulents
  • Centerpieces for holiday dinner with poinsettia
  • Christmas candy dishes
  • Christmas wrapping caddies
  • Festive fireplace decor

Keep them for yourself, or gift them as an affordable last-minute gift idea for your Secret Santa or loved ones.  For that person who has everything, a hand-made, custom gift could be a more meaningful option than a gift card.

    Everyday Use Ideas:

    I created these with the everyday use in mind.  Sure, the metallic tones can lend themselves to the holiday season, but you can use metallic containers all year round.  From caddy to planter and everything in between, here are a few photos and a list of ideas to get you inspired to make your own!

    • Makeup brush/product storage
    • Succulent planters
    • Office desk supply organizers
    • Candle holders
    • Shelf knick-knack decor

    This project is easy, and although you need to give each some time to dry between steps, the time spent working on them is pretty minimal when you think of all of the repeated and varied use you can get out of them!  I've been rotating mine between my succulent plants and makeup brush caddies already!  I'm already thinking of buying a few more and painting them for friends and family for upcoming birthdays or housewarming gifts.  Enjoy! 

    Emily Essentially