My 5 New Year's Blog Resolutions

Lately I've been seeing all sorts of bloggers and entrepreneurial coaches share their goals and mantras for 2017.  We all do it in some form or another - whether it's a simple New Year's resolution, or a well-thought out game plan for saving money or buying a new home.  It's an integral part of our nature as humans; we like to set goals and accomplish them.  It gives us motivation and fulfillment.  So - I thought I'd join the party and publicly share my Mantra Word and 5 goals I have for the Emily Essentially in 2017.


That's my Mantra - growth.  I want to see growth in all aspects of my life, and the biggest of which is seeing growth in all avenues of my blog. I spent months planning the design, branding, and content of Emily Essentially, and it finally came to fruition in 2016.  Now it's time to really grow this puppy in 2017.  And by growing I mean continuing to perfect my craft, and creating all sorts of content that YOU the reader wants!

Without further ado - here are my 5 New Years Blog Resolutions:

1. Brand Growth

Long before I launched this site, I spent much of my spare time learning how to design my own personalized brand.  I picked out inspiration photos, crafted a brand mood board, used Adobe Illustrator to create my logos and icons, and utilized Squarespace to design my very own website.  

In 2017, I want to continue to grow my brand recognition.  I want to delve into the world of Pinterest and begin to socialize the blog with larger audiences, all while staying true to what Emily Essentially stands for - a place where women can come to get life + style tips and inspiration with a feminine flair.  I want to solidify my brand as one that is clean, concise and easily identifiable and recognizable no matter where its found.  

I will create consistency and build brand equity in Emily Essentially.

Emily Essentially | Lifestyle | Brand Growth

2. Planning Growth

In 2016, the biggest goal for the blog was to launch it!  Now that it's up and running and I've been steadily releasing content, it's time to set a loftier new goal.  

In 2017 I want to have a consistent plan for creating content ideas, executing them and publishing them for readers to enjoy.  I want to take your opinions and thoughts into consideration - so feel free to tweet, comment on my Facebook page or Instagram, or even in the comments of this post with things you'd like to see from me.  I want to create a consistent planning schedule and calendar to push out regular, helpful content that you'll enjoy, re-read and reference in your daily lives.

I will create a consistent cadence of original content to share with my readers.

Emily Essentially | Lifestyle | Planning Growth

3. Physical Growth

As you know in 2016 I began a fitness journey that I've documented on the blog in the Lifestyle Section.  I've wanted to lose some weight and tone up my body to simply feel the best I can feel in my own skin - not for anyone else.  I've made some progress, but I've also had some setbacks (aka the holidays).  

In 2017, I want to get back into the swing of things and hit the gym even harder.  I want to continue to find a healthy diet that is feasible with my busy schedule.  I want to find an overall regimen that will work for a busy 20-something professional, and share my results with you for motivation, to let you know you can do it too.  I want to improve my strength physically (and mentally) to handle the tough times and come out of 2017 with the body I envision.

I will zero in on my ideal workout and diet regimen and share my progress with you.

Emily Essentially | Lifestyle | Physical Growth

4. Collaboration Growth

Not long after launching the blog, multiple brands and fellow bloggers contacted me with collaboration offers and product sponsorships.  That was not only flattering, but gave me the reassurance that I'm producing high-quality content.

In 2017, I want to grow the partnerships I've started (many of which you'll see coming up very soon!), and continue to find others that are a great brand fit for Emily Essentially.  I want to network and meet like-minded bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to turn their side-hustle into a full-time gig.  I want to surround myself with new friends, mentors and individuals who will build me up and encourage me when times get tough.  I want to create brand relationships that will further the reach of the blog.

I will seek out brand partnerships that benefit all parties and aid in the growth and success of the blog.

Emily Essentially | Lifestyle | Collaboration Growth

5. YouTube Growth

In 2016 I realized the true power of YouTube.  I fell in love with content creators and their channels, I subscribed to my favorites, and learned a ton about my industry in fashion and beauty through them.  I tried new products off of influencers' suggestions, and felt empowered that I too could do something like this.  

In 2017, I am going to begin to film more YouTube videos and share a visual medium, like video, with my blog audience.  Not everyone consumes content by reading posts and looking at pretty pictures.  I too prefer a good video once and a while.  I want to create video content in the form of makeup tutorials (I filmed my very first one yesterday!), DIY projects, life updates, and vacation videos and vlogs.  I want to continue to grow my audience even beyond the blog and build the Emily Essentially brand on YouTube.

I will create regular YouTube video content to embed within posts and share all of my life + style tips with you.

Emily Essentially | Lifestyle | YouTube Growth

Sometimes it's scary to share your goals.  Sometimes it's hard to even say them out loud.  The five goals above are all driven by my 2017 mantra of GROWTH.  Sure I know it won't be easy.  It's going to be hard balancing all of these with whatever everyday life will throw at me.  But that didn't stop me from putting them down on paper (or in this case on the interweb) to hold myself accountable and share my goals and dreams for this next year with you.  

I want to show it's okay to be vulnerable.  It is okay to dream big.  I'm going to work hard this next year for myself and all of you, to accomplish my 2017 goals and resolutions.  You should too!  Share your 2017 resolutions and goals in the comments below!

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