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Emily Essentially | Beauty | Product Review: Kendra Scott Nail Lacuqers

I'm in love with iridescent and glitter nail polishes because let's face it - I'm a girly girl at heart.  So when I opened up my email the other day and saw an offer for Kendra Scott nail lacquers, my eyes perked up immediately! Who knew Kendra Scott did nail polish?! I always love when brands come out with great shimmer, duo-chrome and glittery polishes, and since these products just dropped, Kendra Scott offered their email subscribers a pretty nice discount with the purchase of multiple bottles.

Let's take a look at their new line.  I'll give you my honest opinion on each, so you can decide for yourself if they're worth the money or are must-adds to your collection.  I'm not gonna sugar coat this review, although some of these colors do look like a cotton candy wonderland!  Let's get started. 

Kendra Scott Nail Lacquer Cost Breakdown:

Flat/Metallic Colors: $16
Iridescent/Druzy/Glitter Colors: $18

*Just to note, Kendra Scott is running a promotion right now for 15% off 2 bottles of nail lacquer, and 20% off 3 or more bottles of nail lacquer.

Before we get into the shades, I must say that the packaging for these polishes are absolutely stunning.  From the color sneak peek on the back of the packaging, to the gold embossing, all the way to the polish bottles themselves, these products are unique and visually eye-catching.  The geometric-inspired gold caps on each polish are a refreshing change from typical bottles with standard applicator handles.  A slight downside to these is they're a bit hard to grip for polishing your nails, but it's a minor thing to get used to. If you're going on presentation and packaging alone - Kendra Scott knocked it out of the park!  The design is very true to their brand, and can even serve as a beautiful display piece in your beauty area if you've got a shelf or a place to show them off.

Rose Quartz Nail Lacquer:

I'm always on the hunt for that perfect, barely-there color on your nails that's work appropriate and goes with any outfit combination, so I thought this selection might be just that. I always seem to struggle with these light colors, since I usually need to layer on 4+ coats to get anything resembling an opaque, even color.  With the first coat of this, I have to admit I was unimpressed, but as I added a second, and then a third (very thin) coat, the opacity improved drastically and I was left with a very light, pastel rosy pink - beautiful for day-to-day wear year round.  Do I think this is the best color in the world?  No, it's not particularly unique or different from the multitude of other neutral, pale polishes out there - however I am glad to have it in my arsenal.  It serves as a great everyday polish, and as a solid base to layer glitter or shimmer top coats on.  The staying power on my nails was rather impressive as well.  Without a base or a top coat (I know, naughty me!), my nails looked great after a week with very minimal chipping that's luckily not super noticeable due to the color itself - a major plus!

Bonus idea:  If you're like me and a pale polish isn't quite doing it for you on it's own - here's a great way to add a little sparkle to your life.  Add a glitter polish to your ring finger, or another of your choosing, for an accent that will catch the light and the attention of others!  Instant upgrade!

Iridescent Druzy Nail Lacquer:

This polish has to be my favorite of the bunch!  I'm super into holographic, and iridescent finishes lately - and when I saw this option online, I couldn't help myself.  The polish itself isn't a clear coat, but it's more than just an iridescent glitter top coat. There's a nice milky white tone to it that adds some additional opacity and sparkle.  Also, the varying sizes of the glitter/sparkle particles is great - the larger specs catch even the faintest of light to twinkle all the colors of the rainbow, and the smaller pieces make for a subtle iridescent holographic finish.  If you love glitter but work in a professional setting, an option like this would work well for you - it's indistinct and not obnoxious,  and it leaves your nails with a polished shine that is glossy and feminine. This is THE best glitter nail polish option that I've found; it will work with the full spectrum of base polishes - from light pinks and nudes, all the way to moody wines and black lacquers.  Dab it on a single nail for an accent, coat them all for a sparkly finish, or use it in a more unique way (like a glitter french tip).  Remember this as perfect stocking stuffer or gift exchange item for your girlfriends - they'll love the unique glitter topper and it's the perfect flourish for a New Year's mani!

Warm Iridescent Shimmer Coat:

Even though the Kendra Scott site bills this polish as more of a nail topper, I thought this would be another great everyday color to keep in my rotation as a neutral hue that compliments my wardrobe.  I teetered back and forth between the warm and cool iridescent polish color options on the site, but I felt like the warm tone (which has more of a purple/pink finish) would work best over nude and pink polishes for everyday wear and conservative settings.  I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage it provided on it's own without any other base color beneath it!  It is pretty opaque even with the first coat, and after a second coat, I was very pleased with the soft color payoff it provided.  The duo-tone finish shifts between purple and pink, and overall it gives me some gorgeous opal vibes.  I think the effect of this top coat could be intensified even more when layered over colors such as white, pink or fuchsia.  This would also be a great detail polish to use if you're getting crafty with your nail art (i.e. for an iridescent stripe on your nail or doing some sort of moon or french tip detail).  This is definitely my second-favorite of the four polishes I purchased, and would say this one is worth it as well!  

Bonus Idea: Play with multiple finishes and textures by combining an iridescent finish with an all-out glitter polish.  Whether you go for something more subtle, like layering a similarly colored glitter over this polish, or you want to have a show-stopping pop of glitter (like pictured below), this lets you take the trend of layering textures from clothes to beauty as well!

Rose Gold Druzy Nail Lacquer:

If you know me, you know that I am utterly obsessed with all things rose-gold.  Take a look around this blog - it's everywhere! Of all of the Kendra Scott polishes, this was the one that I was the most excited for, but unfortunately it's my least favorite.  Perhaps my disappointment stems from the fact that this was the most anticipated of the bunch, but this lacquer just left me wanting more. I wasn't super impressed with the opacity with this one since the polish itself is clear, so in areas that the glitter doesn't adhere to your nail, it's completely see-through.  Also, the glitter particles themselves, while sparkly, are not all rose gold.  A vast majority of them are a true yellow-gold and when applied generously for a more opaque finish as pictured, the color/tone comes off more yellow gold, much like the cap of the bottle, rather than a more pink/copper rose gold.  It's a pretty glitter, and with a few coats it can certainly be built up, but it is by no means worth the 18 dollars, so I would say pass on this one and grab yourself a cheaper glitter polish topper. You could even go with more of an iridescent or metallic polish if you want to truly accentuate the rose gold vibes.  Of the four - if I had to pass on one, or had a do-over, this one would be replaced with another option. Bummer!


I hope this post was helpful, not only to introduce you to a brand new brand dipping their toes into the "luxury" nail polish game, but to also give you my honest feedback on the product with my personal hits and misses.  Even though all four did not hit the mark with me, I would give their formula, packaging and range of initial color offerings a solid B.  Certain options like the Iridescent Druzy Nail Lacquer and the Warm Iridescent Shimmer Coat are true standouts, and I can't wait to see what other additions come into their line that mimic their gorgeous baubles. Keep an eye out for the basic glitter and solid color polishes to save yourself some money, but go ahead and splurge on specialty finish lacquers like these two to switch up your game and add a little extra oomph to your accents.

Emily Essentially