Swatch & Review: ColourPop Fall Haul

Emily Essentially | Beauty | ColourPop Fall Haul

Ladies, why do we buy so much makeup?  I'm sure you have your reasons, because I definitely have mine.  Besides making myself look and feel pretty, I buy makeup to experiment.  The more I can test and demo new products, the better my ability to hone the art of beauty.  When we stand under the bright lights of a Sephora or Ulta, we ask ourselves "Is it worth the money?", "Should I trust the reviews online, or the photos I saw on Instagram?"  "Is there a cheaper option out there, or should I splurge because the quality is kick-ass?"  Ahhhh decisions, DECISIONS!  Let's take a deep dive into a brand that will make those questions VERY easy to answer - ColourPop!

Here's a brand that you're bound to see often on Emily Essentially, because I seriously can't get enough of it.  ColourPop was founded in 2014, making them relatively new to the makeup game.  Despite being the new kids on the block, they have already done a fabulous job with their product selection.  They're also easy on your wallet - most products range between $5-8 dollars. Another plus?  They're cruelty-free and don't test on animals.  My dachshund is happy about that! 

ColourPop's eye shadows are known for their Metallic Finish and unique consistency.  A few quick tips for application - to make that color "pop" (see what I did there?) apply the product with a synthetic brush or your fingers.  These formulas respond better to a "packing" motion rather than swiping on an even coating of color pigmentation.  Their lippies are probably seen all over your Instagram feeds and feature all kinds of different finishes depending on the trend you're going for.  I prefer the Ultra Satin Finish as it's the most comfortable and wearable, but the Ultra Mattes are great as well!  

If you end up falling in love (and be prepared to do so over and over again!) click on any of the links below to go straight to the brand website.  They offer TONS of products, so this will be the easiest way to locate your favorites!  To help you narrow down your wish lists I've given you a breakdown of what I love, what I like and what I'd leave out of an order.

Product Cost Breakdown:

Just to level the playing field - here's a price breakdown of each of ColourPop's products that are featured below.  Affordable right?!  I really did mean it when I said they're easy on your wallet.  

  • Lippie Stix - $5
  • Lippie Pencil - $5
  • Ultra Matte Lipstick - $6
  • Ultra Satin Lipstick - $6
  • Supershock Eye Shadow - $5
  • Blush - $8

Nude/Neutral Shadows:

Nude and neutral shadows are the backbone of any well-rounded makeup collection.  Everyone can utilize these to create everyday looks, and they never go out of style!  Also, since a majority of these offer a little shimmer or sparkle, they'll add a little something extra to your eyes which is never a bad thing.

Emily Essentially | Beauty | Nude/Neutral Shadows

What I Love:

  • Paisley:  A sheer golden ivory laced with tons of multi-colored sparkle in a Glitter Sheer Finish 
  • La La:  A true rose gold in an Ultra Metallic Finish
  • Sequin:  A copper penny-like shade with silver and gold glitter in a Metallic Finish

What I Like:

  • Amaze:  A metallic rose gold with multi-colored multi-dimensional glitter in a Metallic Finish

What I'd Leave:

  • Brady:  A soft, dusty rose in a Matte Finis
Emily Essentially | Beauty | Nude/Neutral Swatches

Purple/Blue Shadows:

Since my collection is pretty maxed out on neutrals and browns, I figured now would be the perfect time to add a few pops of purples and blues to my collection.  They're super on-trend for fall and winter, and everyone loves a good smokey eye, so why not!  A majority of these shades are the Metallic Finish as well, which I absolutely adore.  This group is sure to push you outside your comfort zone in the best of ways!

Emily Essentially | Beauty | Purple/Blue Shadows

What I Love:

  • Muse:  A vibrant coppery rose in a Pearlized Finish
  • Cricket:  A smokey mid-tone plum with warm and cool highlights of soft glitter in a Metallic Finish
  • Rex:  A black drenched with multiple shades of blue glitter in a Metallic Finish

What I Like:

  • Bae:  A rich eggplant purple with an emerald and turquoise, glittery duo chrome Metallic Finish
  • Stereo:  A blackened burgundy with copper and pink violet duo chrome glitter sprinkled on top in a Metallic Finish

What I'd Leave:

  • Tang:  A soft dusty plum in a Matte Finish
Emily Essentially | Beauty | Purple/Blue Swatches

Orange/Red Shadows & Blush:

If I had to buy just four shadows - I would say this foursome, which is actually grouped in a bundle called Zingara, would be my recommendation.  If you're new to ColourPop, these four give you a variety of finishes and color tones that work well together to create a variety of cohesive looks!  Since the shadows are typically $5 a piece, you get these four for $18, saving you a few dollars that you can spend on another product.  I snagged this blush in the shade Bardot because it was something super different and more dramatic than anything in my collection.  

Emily Essentially | Beauty | Orange/Red Shadows

What I Love:

  • Paradox:  A cool-toned burgundy red in a Satin Finish
  • Seeker:  A warm reddish brown in a Matte Finish

What I Like:

  • Bardot:  A rusty red copper blush in a Pearlized Finish
  • Elixir:  A mid-tone true terracotta in a Matte Finish

What I'd Leave:

  • Jinxie:  A soft gold in a Pearlized Finish
Emily Essentially | Beauty | Orange/Red Swatches

Orange/Nude Lippies:

These orange/nude shades are super hot right now.  Each of these utilize an orange/nude undertone with varying amounts of pigmentation for looks that range from everyday to more statement-making.  Depending on what you're looking for - one of these shades should do the trick to fulfill that fall lip trend.   

Emily Essentially | Beauty | Orange/Nude Lippies

What I Love:

  • Calypso:  A mid-tone pinky nude in an Ultra Satin Finish

What I Like:

  • Mama:  A true burnt orange in an Ultra Matte Finish

What I'd Leave:

  • Love Bug:  A rich terracotta in an Ultra Matte Finish
Emily Essentially | Beauty | Orange/Nude Swatches

Rose/Pink Lippies:

Rosy lips never go out of style - but ColourPop put a twist on these to keep up with the trends, giving them some cool-toned vibes that are all the rage.  These lean a bit purple on my fair skin, but that's alright - I'm always a fan of deeper lip colors for fall and winter and these do just the trick!  

Emily Essentially | Beauty | Rose/Pink Lippies

What I Love:

  • Baracuda:  A warm deepened rose in an Ultra Satin Finish

What I Like:

  • Viper:  A true dusty rose in an Ultra Matte Finish

What I'd Leave:

  • Femme:  A muted dirty lilac in an Ultra Satin Finish
Emily Essentially | Beauty | Rose/Pink Swatches

Deep Purple Lippies:

Every girl should own at least one super deep lipstick for days when she just needs a little extra oomph to get her going, or for those special occasions that require the drama a color like this provides.  I'll admit, these aren't everyday shades, so there's certainly no need for more than one or two, but hey I wanted to experiment!  I do however recommend you grab one of their lip pencils, like Dukes, because dark colors can have a tendency to bleed or run.  It will keep the product in the lines and give you a more precise application. 

Emily Essentially | Beauty | Deep Purple Lippies

What I Love:

  • Sookie:  A rich plum Ultra Glossy Lip in a Creme Finish
  • Notion:  A rich red violet in an Ultra Matte Finish

What I Like:

  • Dukes:  A dark blackberry Lippie Pencil in a Matte Finish

What I'd Leave:

  • Dukes:  A dark blackberry Lippie Stix in a Matte Finish
  • Hutch:  A deep blackened violet in an Ultra Satin Finish
Emily Essentially | Beauty | Deep Purple Swatches

I'm in love with my new fall products from ColourPop, and I hope you fell in love with a few too!  Their philosophy about their brand is completely on point - trends come and go, and their products' formulations and price points allow you to experiment with little guilt, while still receiving a well-developed and long-lasting product.  

I'm all set for quite a while, and I can't wait to get busy creating some unique new looks with the wide range of colors and products that I purchased.  I'll be sure to share all of them with you on the blog or on my Instagram page (follow me here!) - so be on the lookout for some new makeup looks from me!  If you love a certain color, leave me a comment below - I'd love to get some ideas for upcoming makeup tutorial videos!