Halloween Paradise: Fire & Ice

I honestly cannot believe that today is Halloween!  This year has flown by, and with it another round of my favorite holiday has taken place.  Most people love Thanksgiving, Christmas or even 4th of July, but my favorite holiday (especially the last three years!), is Halloween.  It's not just the pumpkin carving and candy, but the creativity I can display through the ideation and creation of an epic costume.  I may be too old to trick-or-treat, but that doesn't mean I can't craft a killer costume!  In case you missed my post last year (read it here!), Theatre Bizarre is the world's largest masquerade party, held over two weekends at the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit.  From burlesque circus performances to haunted roller coasters - anything goes at this party. You'll find every spooky, creepy and ghoulish creature imaginable hidden within the dimly lit and elaborately decorated halls of the eight story building.  Each detail is meticulously thought out, and altogether this is my FAVORITE event to attend in the city.

If you plan to attend Theatre Bizarre, you have to put some SERIOUS thought into your costume. With this being the third year my boyfriend and I have attended, we knew we needed to raise the bar.  Last year we received tons of compliments for our ringleader and lion couples-themed costumes, so we knew that another duo-inspired look would be the way to go.  I researched and came up with a few options, and we ultimately decided on a more abstract theme than in years past - Fire and Ice.  This was appealing because it left so much room for interpretation and creativity!  In keeping in spirit with Theatre Bizarre's motif, we did not directly replicate a character or item.  It was ultimately the right choice, and I'm in LOVE with the final result!

Instead of starting with costumes first, as I did last year - I began by sourcing our makeup inspiration.  After seeing how long it took to create our looks in years past, I wanted to select makeup that I felt confident I could accomplish; one that would continue to evolve our intricate concept.  For mine, I drew inspiration from a few different Ice Queen looks by Desi Perkins, Jordan Hanz and my microblading tech, Houda Hourani.  I loved elements of each, and wanted to ensure I had a feminine-but-fierce look that embodied a frozen ice queen.  I  whitened my complexion and gave everything a frosted finish to elicit a frost-like effect on all of my exposed skin.  I added a very dramatic cut-crease and winged-liner eye look (complete with reflective glitter), and an ombre blue-to-white glitter lip for some glamorous, icy details.  I finished the makeup with sequins and A/B rhinestones all around the high points of my face, and let's not forget my intense white contacts that took the entire look to another level!  Add in some hand-dyed silver extensions, and my hair/makeup combination was frosted to perfection! 

For Andrew, I originally thought about doing a look where his face looked "melted" and exposed his facial muscles, but after attempting the makeup and finding it difficult to translate the vision to reality, I went for something a bit more literal - again inspired by Jordan Hanz.   His fiery makeup featured lava and lava rocks that melted across half of his face and down his chest.  I worked with some Mehron paints and a large selection of SeneGence ShadowSense creme-to-powder shadows, allowing me to create the dimension needed to make it appear that the lava rocks were "raised". The texture and depth of the look made his skin appear like it was melting into an endless lava pit.  I think the added details on his neck, hands and legs really ended up mirroring his costume, and was the centerpiece of his look.

Our costumes this year really enhanced the makeup I created.  As much as it pains me to say, my boyfriend actually wore MORE glitter and glitz than I did!  All for good reason - his glitter flame-encrusted red blazer was a donation to our cause by my Dad (thanks!), and we added some matching flame-covered compression shorts to complete his look.  It's amazing what some makeup, glitter and a few simple wardrobe pieces can do to create an entire costume, and it goes to show that you can take everyday items, add some puff paint or glitter and transform them into an elaborate one-of-a-kind ensemble!  

My costume was a bit more, shall I say...expensive.  I was lucky enough to receive a wedding dress sample that was then deconstructed and made to appear "icy" with some chunky glitter and iridescent touches.  By ripping out all of the dress' lining, I had a sheer tulle overlay and wore a white strapless bra and some bikini bottoms for coverage and a little sex appeal.  The major endeavor on my end was creating my icicle crown!  I watched a tutorial (again created by Jordan Hanz, can you tell I like her?!), and it inspired me to put my own twist on the look.  I created the icicles out of gobs of hot-glue that I glittered while still tacky.  I then affixed them to a foam visor that was cut into a tiara crown shape. Voila!  A crown fit for a cold-hearted ice queen.

The rest of our photos are below, and I just have to thank my dear friend Michelle of Enchanted Memories Photography for yet again nailing these shots and bringing my vision to life!  This perfectly documents another year of Halloween fun - thank you!


Now that you've had a chance to peruse these professionally shot images, I'll share a few bonus, amateur shots from the party itself!  For the first time in three years, we had some friends tag along and we got the chance to expose them to all that is Theatre Bizarre!  As overwhelming as it may be for first-time attendees, they had a blast and I think we've created a new round of Halloween addicts.  Enjoy the photos below!

Happy Halloween to all of you!  I hope you loved our costumes as much as I did, and I cannot wait to start thinking about next year's looks.  I've already got a few ideas, but until next time...

Emily Essentially